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A Classy & Sleek Clitoral Stimulator For Life-Changing Orgasms

Seen as a game-changer in the clitoral stimulator category, no expense was spared when the designers at LELO were asked to update and enhance the beloved SONA.

The result? Introducing the LELO SONA Cruise!

Easy to hold and easy to use, it is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, making it a snap to stow away in a nightstand, your purse, or anywhere you choose to keep it.

Described as “quiet and restrained” for when you need to be extra discreet but still want controlled and consistent pleasure, the SONA Cruise is made from a single piece of silicone, making it watertight. Absolutely waterproof, it’s a breeze to clean and is more than happy to join you for a little fun time in the bathtub or shower.

It’s also USB rechargeable and takes just an hour of charging for an hour of pleasure. Simply put, the SONA Cruise takes everything women loved about the original SONA and makes it better. It also introduces a mind-blowing new feature: Cruise Control.

How does SONA Cruise Control work?

Completely unique to the SONA Cruise, this feature works by saving 20% of the toy’s full power while you use it.

Typically, when you press this type of toy tightly against your body, the motor will begin to lose power. That’s when the extra 20% kicks in, meaning you’ll never lack intensity as you reach the edges of your next climax. In this case, when you press this toy against your body, extra power sends you right over the edge!

Best of all, this feature is completely automatic, meaning there are no toggles or button combinations to remember to enable it. This addresses what LELO says is the most common complaint against pleasure products. Now you can experience mind blowing pleasure and complete satisfaction without having to fiddle with buttons or settings!

How else is the SONA Cruise different from other clitoral stimulators?

While many clit stimulators vibrate, this one works a bit differently. It offers you the deepest pleasure, softest touch, and most sensual build up and prolonged climax because it uses sonic waves which allow it to stimulate both the outer and inner pleasure zones of your clitoris. This is important, because the clitoris extends inside your body and can be stimulated even more deeply with the right toys. If you’ve been desiring a more intense and powerful orgasm, the SONA Cruise will get you there. Because of how this device works, it’s also a whisper quiet sonic massager, which means you’ll be able to generate multiple orgasms discreetly.

How do I use the SONA Cruise?

Since the SONA is a clitoral stimulator, it’s super simple to use.

  1. Place the soft round head over your clitoris. If you do not like direct stimulation, you can even let it hover close to your clitoris; these sound waves will still provide stimulation. Think of it as sound traveling to your love box.
  2. Use the simple three-button layout to find your desired pleasure level. Then, let the SONA do the work.

That’s it! Just two steps to over-the-moon orgasmic ecstasy.

Who is the SONA Cruise for?

Anyone who wants greater intensity from orgasms. This intense clitoral massager can stimulate 75% more of your clitoris. Whether you like to play alone or with a partner, women who prefer deep, powerful orgasms will adore this sex toy!

Some women who are more sensitive describe the Cruise as very strong and intense. However, if strength, intensity, and a whole new orgasm are what you crave, the Cruise will be just perfect for you.

LELO takes their adult toys very seriously. From design to function, the SONA Cruise is made for users who expect quality and the perfect level of pleasure. Its sound waves provide stimulation to the surface of your clitoris, as well as internally, making for a unique experience unlike any other toy in its class.

How does the SONA Cruise compare to other toys?

The SONA Cruise clitoral stimulator is a luxury adult toy at an affordable price. It’s an alternative to vibrating toys, is ultra-quiet, and has a discreet appearance. LELO prides itself on top-notch technology inside their toys and elegant design on the outside. This gives users the best of both worlds.

FUN FACT: Sona Cruise won the iF Design Award in the Product Design category for Beauty & Care this year. The iF Design Awards is renowned worldwide for outstanding design services for product, packaging, communication and service design, architecture and interior architecture, as well as professional concept. Sona Cruise won for its unique cruise feature, which creates sound waves that reverberate into the entire clitoris from direct contact and are transmitted throughout your entire body for an entirely new orgasm that is truly out of this world.

Click to download the Lelo Sona Cruise User Manual


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Lelo Sona Cruise
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