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Kinklab Agent Noir – Erotic Neon Wand Kit

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Kinklabs – Agent Noir – Erotic Neon Wand Kit 

If your fantasies have ever included being a secret agent, sneaking through Checkpoint Charlie by the skin of your teeth, you’re going to love our newest elite ElectroErotic device set, the Agent Noir Neon Wand Electrosex Kit! Experience electrifying intrigue and mysterious midnight rendezvous with the aid of our exclusive new all-black Neon Wand, and a custom assembled set of accessories, all nestled securely in a silver combination lock attache case which can be secured to your person – or your valet – with the included set of black semi-gloss double locking handcuffs.

Kinklabs has released the perfect kit for electro-enthusiasts of all experience levels. The new Neon Wand Kit is sure to dazzle and daze you and your partner over and over again with its electric touch.

The erotically designed wand with over twenty years of research, is very user-friendly and easy to manage. Simply plug it in and it’s read to shock and tingle.

The 6 different glass electro bulbs attach to the wand to deliver a variety of shocks and sensations. The larger more bulbous electrodes give a warm, tingly feeling. And the more pointy bulbs induct an intense shock for exciting sensation-inducing pleasure.

Turn your partner into a ‘human electrode’ by connecting the Power Tripper to them. The energy flows through their body. Any point of their skin and any metal object they hold can be used to shock you! Try different household objects to get different spine-tingling sensations.


  • Neon Wand Delivers Supreme Tingling Sensations for Ultra Pleasure
  • Neon Wand is Great for Beginners and Very User-Friendly
  • 6 Different Glass Electrodes Attach to the Wand for Custom Shock Power
  • Power Tripper Turns Your Playmate Into A Human Electrode
  • Any Metal Object Held Turns Instantly Into a New Shocker!
  • Electro Whip, Pinwheel, and Rolling Drum Deliver Luscious Sensations
  • In-Depth & Easy to Use User-Manual, Cleaning Instructions, and Travel Case Included

Included in the kit is the Electro Whip, Pinwheel, and Rolling Drum which can be held by the ‘human electrode’ for unique electro-stimulus experiences.

This kit is extremely easy to use and has a very detailed user manual, instructions and a handy travel case.

The Agent Noir Neon Wand includes:

  • The Neon Wand – in the new color black
  • Power Tripper attachment – Allows you to generate sensually stimulating sparks whenever – and wherever – your skin comes in contact with your partner’s. Just imagine the tantalizing possibilities…including mind-blowing oral electro sex!
  • 90° Probe – Simply drag this glass rod gently across yours or your lover’s skin and enjoy a sensation that ranges from soft to intense, depending on the setting.
  • Bulb attachment – This clear spherical bulb creates an effect similar to that of a plasma globe. More visually striking than seriously shocking, this is a great electrode to lead off with to set the mood for intimacy…or interrogation!
  • Comb attachment – This is one of the most popular styles in electro play. The teeth of the comb evenly disperses a soft flow of electricity that can be used to caress and tease and the tip of the comb can be used for a strong and concentrated spark.
  • Tongue attachment – The bulb of this electrode tapers to a snub nosed end, giving it the appearance of a tongue.
  • Mushroom attachment – Features a rounded flat-head, emitting a gentle, tickling, wide arc of beautiful blue light to guide your explorations across your partner’s sensitive parts, making them squirm with delight.
  • Probe attachment – Simply drag this glass rod gently across yours or your lover’s skin and enjoy a sensation that ranges from soft to intense, depending on the setting.
  • The Pinwheel – When using the Power Tripper attachment, this metal wheel of prickly little pins can be rolled over a person’s skin, generating a somewhat intense shock.
  • The Rolling Drum – When using the Power Tripper attachment, this compact roller creates an exciting and intense prickling sensation. Roll over the body and watch the sparks fly!
  • The Electro Whip – This multi-chain flogger works great with the Power Tripper. The handle probe turns the whole body into a lightning rod, and the multi-chain flogger sends elaborate spark sensations through the tiny chain links.
  • Black double locking handcuffs – For extra security while transporting your kit, as well as extra fun for when you get where you’re going.
  • Silver attaché case

Safety, Care, and Usage: Follow all manufacturer’s directions and safety instructions. Clean probes with isopropyl alcohol (75% or greater). Allow alcohol to dry and evaporate completely before use.

Product Specs:

  • Power: A/C 120V
  • Weight: 5.75 pounds
  • Includes: 1 x Neon Wand, 1 x Power Tripper, Glass Electrodes: Bulb, Comb, Tongue, Mushroom, Probe, 90 Degree Probe, 1 x Electro Whip, 1 x Pinwheel, 1 x Rolling Drum, 1 x Pair of Metal Cuffs




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Kinklab Agent Noir – Erotic Neon Wand Kit
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